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Stop Spreading Fear

Anything that is living is in a constant state of change. That includes viruses. To therefore claim that changes in guidance from the CDC or the science community is invalid or that they have been lying to us is totally and patently ridiculous. We want guidance through a changing landscape. Science responds to constantly changing data to

give the best understanding we can have at any given moment, but until a situation becomes static or history, the information will vary daily and we should stay flexible for the moment-to-moment variations that occur. Constants, however, to consistent courses of action: masks have reduced and continue to reduce the spread of infection and vaccines

improve our bodies chances of fighting off infection. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to manipulate your voice and your vote through fear and misinformation. These protective actions are not a denial of your rights, but a protection of your life and limb—and those of your neighbors, which means EVERYONE benefits.

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