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Back in the Big City

After six months in Pennsylvania, teaching by remote and living in the countryside (albeit doing most of my sessions in the basement of Barry's house), I have returned to Park Slope and am trying to figure out the future. The good news is that there's lots of theatrical activity for the summer, including a workshop for PROUD, my play with Rising Sun Performance Company that will hopefully finally see production this next season AND one of my one acts, THE TRUE SAD TALE OF THE ZEBRA will be seen in various NYC parks and on Governor's Island this summer. Between that and bouncing back and forth to Denver, PA, it will be a busy summer--prior to returning back to teach in person come the fall at Pace.

I am nervous about figuring out how all the mobility will work and if I will have the energy to do it all, but I want to try. I am fully-vaccinated. So there's that. But it's a big life change, to be sure. And Barry will be living most of the time in PA, so there's that. But we'll try to make it work.

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